Project Management and Procurement

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk saves time & money

As part of your MRO team, Hunter Hawk provides quality purchasing, procurement services, and project management.  We’re not just about the paperwork.

What sets us apart is we’re a hands-on and knowledgeable extension of your team – who you can trust to get the job done on-time, on-budget, and done-right.

With over 20 years of experience of custom manufacturing and fabrication experience, we bring the skill set and technical expertise needed to understand the Scope of Work and follow the Critical Path Requirements of a piece of equipment for an overhaul or turnaround event.

Working in conjunction with Hunter Hawk, your planning and engineering staff are freed up to move over to more pressing issues while improving operational performance and streamlining the process.

Experience counts when you need purchasing, procurement, or project management. We know what we are buying, how it will be used, and work with vetted vendors. Complete documentation of all work performed is provided.

Delayed Coker Head – Procurement & Project Management

Hunter Hawk

  • Worked with the customer to help develop the Scope of Work to upgrade and change-out old worn parts for new parts
  • Reverse Engineered and Manufactured the parts
  • Oversaw the outsourced repair with new parts
  • Freed up planning and engineering staff for other issues
  • Project completed on-time and on-budget
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"Hunter Hawk was chosen to be the project manager for teardown, inspection, part replacement and critical tolerance reassembly of the DCU bottom head.

The collaborative effort between our mechanical reliability engineers and inspectors and Hunter Hawk throughout the reverse engineering and manufacturing process established a high execution standard.

They were our first choice to do this work and they did it well with complete documentation and safety."

Staff Engineer Lead Delayed Coker Unit Consultant

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