Engineered Industrial Pumps

Hunter Hawk has the knowledge and skills you can rely on when you need pumps. With over 25 years’ experience in direct sales, service, applications, quotations, and purchasing of Vertical Turbine Pumps, Mixed-Flow Pumps, Axial, and Sludge pumps, we have the expertise and custom solutions you’re looking for.

We provide specifications for new pump equipment, custom parts, and pump system troubleshooting for engineering and architectural firms including Petrochemical, Power, Steel, Marine, Municipal, Mining, and Pulp & Paper.  We help with design and construction guidance as well as selecting the most energy efficient pumps for your specific applications.

  • Hydraulic application design
  • Pumping system design and assistance
  • Metallurgy requirements for specific applications
  • Sump design assistance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Project management
  • Field Start-Up assistance: vertical turbine pump for clean water, waste water, jet fuel transfer pumps, circulating water pump, salt water intake pump
  • Upgrading existing pumps to improve efficiency, performance, and construction
  • Onsite operation and maintenance training for client MRO and engineering personnel


  • Cargo Ship Ballast Pumps, Dry Dock Pumps, Charge Pumps, Barge Stripper Pumps
  • Ability to update service with new higher efficiency bowl assemblies and motors
  • API, AWWA, ISO 9001:2008
  • Air-Powered Self-Priming Submersible Trash Water Pump

Vertical Pumps: Turbine, Mixed Flow & Axial

  • Packaged Pump Station Systems
  • Vertical Deep Well Close Coupled Vertical Turbine 6-24 inch Submersible Turbine
  • 4 inch Submersible.
  • 4, 6, 8 inch Stainless Steel Submersible
  • Self-Priming Shallow Well
  • Convertible Jets Vertical/Horizontal Multi-Stage Deep Well Jets
  • Self Priming Centrifugal Small, Straight Centrifugal High Pressure Booster Pumps

Sludge Pump

sludgemaster_5176Sludge Master Pumping System – Ideal for dredging, construction and maintenance
The Sludge Master Pump is a hydraulically-driven, piston pumping system designed to pump heavy sludge, slurries and other viscous materials that contain solids and impurities.

Passes solids such as rags, rocks, nuts, bolts, Tyvec suits, rubber gloves, rope and more without damage to the system and is designed to operate while pumping hazardous chemical materials.

Excellent for:
  • Environmental, pit cleaning
  • Oil spill response
  • Wastewater
  • Filter cakes
  • Pulp and paper, rail car
  • Viscous materials
  • Sludge injection
  • Paint and other hazardous sludge
  • Crude and #6 oil (bottoms)
  • Tank bottom sludge
  • Special processes
  • Slurries

The self-priming Sludge Master, which is virtually leak proof, can dry run for a limited time without damage. It is low maintenance with no diaphragms that can burst under pressure or mechanical seals to fail.


The integral hydraulic power unit is custom designed to drive the Sludge Master’s reciprocating pistons. The hydraulic power unit includes the engine (diesel or electric), hydraulic reservoir, hydraulic control unit, oil cooler and interconnecting hoses. The hydraulic power unit can be located remotely, as far as 200 feet from the Sludge Master pump.

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • 30 HP diesel engine with 30-gallon fuel tank (diesel or electric)
  • 60-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
  • Skid mounted, ready for trailer mount
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Needle control valve
  • Hydraulic flow control valve
  • Pulsation stabilizer
  • Steel construction
  • Flows to 250 gallons per minute at 150 PSI
  • Solids handling
  • Discharge pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Runs optimally at 55 strokes per minute
Safety Features
  • Hydraulic safety pressure relief valve
  • Sludge Master discharge pipe pressure switch
  • Hydraulic reservoir low fluid safety switch
  • Engine panel equipped with safety features to protect the engine from low oil pressure and high coolant temperature

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