Custom Industrial Containers

Custom & Semi-Custom Industrial Containers

Increasing Safety and Profits by Decreasing Labor and Time

Critical Equipment Safety and Long-Term Storage

After years of manufacturing and fabricating critical equipment, we’ve developed the know-how to design rugged container configurations custom-engineered to meet your requirements. We will ensure the protection needed to safely move and store your high-tolerance critical equipment components or any item that requires special handling or more than a standard shipping container.

Parts-in-Place SMART Boxes ™

Logistics, Support/Material Planning, Critical Inventory Optimization.

Everything safe, secure, and ready for immediate deployment. 

Substantially increase safety and reduce the cost, time, and labor involved in planned or unplanned Maintenance and Turnaround Events when you use the innovative Hunter Hawk Parts-in-Place SMART Box.

A single high-value piece of equipment can require up to 2,000 + individual components generally spread out throughout the warehouse. A lost part or damaged long-lead item can bring the project to a complete stand-still.

The Parts-in-Place SMART Box system brings it all together in one place – protecting your critical inventory, ensuring easier transport of components and equipment and supplies – everything readily available for rapid deployment, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per event. Typical savings = $200,000 each event.

Turnaround Readiness

Best Practice

Now you can have 100% of all parts available and in good repair. No delays or surprises, just pure execution. Reusable and refillable, the Parts-in-Place SMART Box helps elevate outage turnarounds to a higher standard.

CHALLENGE:  Co-Gen Unit Frame 6 Gas Turbine Overhaul Turnaround

SOLUTION:  Co-Gen Unit Frame 6 Gas Turbine Overhaul Turnaround with Parts-in-Place SMART Box

MIL-SPEC Government/Department of Defense Containers

Military Performance Oriented Packaging (POP)

MLRS Protective Containers project is an example of Hunter Hawk POP capability. DOT approved, these containers are 100% Quality Inspected and consistently found to have Zero Rejects/Zero Defects, earning Hunter Hawk an Army Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPARS) rating of Excellent in all areas.

Material Skips

Custom and Semi-Custom

Used to move tools, material, and equipment with a forklift or crane to higher deck elevations or different areas, we can custom manufacture a Material Skip to meet your requirements and specifications.  All Skips fully inspected and have an attached certification plate.  Lockable covers and lids can be provided.

  • Standard open top design: 4’ x 6’ and 4’ x 8’
  • Solid walls and floor
  • Safety color-coded to meet your needs
  • Material certifications supplies
  • Safety Certified

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money

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