Reverse Engineering & Manufacture


Biopharmaceutical customer requirement to start up a moth-balled existing plant to increase product capacity. Off-shore OEM that supplied the original critical assembly was no longer in business. Without a resource, a complete new system including mixers and piping might be required.


Hunter Hawk reverse engineered the existing worn-out assemblies and manufactured new parts for our customer so the 9-year inactive plant could go back on line without incurring large startup costs and long lead schedules for equipment replacement.

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Refinery MRO Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk

Quick Restart of Production = Increased Revenue


Substantial savings related to not having to source new equipment and custom fit to existing piping and mixers. Working with Hunter Hawk, customer could use existing legacy equipment.

  • New and repaired assemblies delivered on-time
  • Legacy equipment fit perfectly with the new manufactured assemblies
  • The formerly inactive production plant start-up was on schedule
  • Future repairs and parts readily availability through Hunter Hawk eliminating potential off-shore long lead times of 12 to 18 months
  • Collaboration with customer engineering allowed for improvements to increase efficiency
  • Installed and anticipated to be longer lasting than original parts supplied by others

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money.

Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk


In-house Hydrocracker Team Lead experienced numerous service problems with OEM manufacturer of Primary Gas Burner Tips and contacted Hunter Hawk.


After discussing needs with the Team Leader, Hunter Hawk suggested an alternate method of manufacturing and materials.


The new method reduced cost by 30% and increased wear-life by 30%.

  • Hunter Hawk is now the Preferred Supplier and OEM of this part.

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money.

Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing

Desalter Unit Insulators for Refinery



Concerned about the expense of the components from the existing supplier of Teflon body and metal coupling Desalter Unit Insulators, the electrical planner requested them from the refinery in-house machine shop. Machine Shop Superintendent referred them to Hunter Hawk (HH) based on previous experience with HH to provide a quality product more economically and efficiently for the 340 pieces required for the unit overhaul.


Hunter Hawk reverse engineers a sample part, sources US-made material and makes parts for a lesser refinery cost in advance of the scheduled overhaul.

Refinery MRO Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk

60% Savings



Hunter Hawk provides superior American-made virgin PTFE material and 340 stainless steel couplings.

  • Savings of 60% over costs charged by previous supplier
  • Installed and anticipated to be longer lasting than original parts supplied by others
  • Machine shop was able to focus on other critical equipment instead of making the insulators

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money

Manufacturing – Design & Custom Modification


A large filtering machine requires the breaking of the reel assembly to remove it from service during annual maintenance. Due to its configuration, it is very labor intensive to install the new reel assembly.

How can it be modified to make installation easier and not require breaking the reel during removal?


New & Improved


Work with the maintenance team to fully understand the constraints of the filter machine.

  • Reconfigure the ends of the reel with removable plunger-type pins allowing installation of the reel assembly quickly in the very limited space within the machine.
  • The entire end assembly can be removed and replaced as necessary and no damage is done to the reel upon removal during regular maintenance activities.


A custom plunger pin design resulted in quick and easy installation of the reel assembly. Cost savings included removing the requirement of having to purchase a new reel assembly with each annual maintenance schedule.

Products Made in the USA with domestic content materials and manufacturing.

Reverse Engineering & Refurbishment

Our customer, the utilities department in the refinery, called Hunter Hawk for help meeting a critical turnaround requirement.

The MRO team, familiar with Hunter Hawk, asked us to repair a critical piece of equipment for a fast turnaround while they continued to wait for the existing off-shore manufacturer to deliver the new replacement part.

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Refinery MRO Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk

Faster Delivery - 2 weeks vs 24 weeks

Critical Part – Sprocket Drive: API  40T,  4-5/16 in. Bore, H78 Chain Hunter Hawk Part # 100-3752-00

  • Hunter Hawk REFURBISHED the EXISTING PART and delivered within 10 calendar days
  • Installed immediately by customer
  • Hunter Hawk ENGINEERED & MANUFACTURED an additional new sprocket in 5 WEEKS for the customer.

And the performance of the existing off-shore vendor?

After the refinery waited 8 months’ lead-time, the new OEM sprocket delivered was the wrong size and unusable.

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money.

Hunter Hawk Parts-in-Place SMART Boxes

A planned outage for a single piece of High-Value Critical Equipment may be scheduled years in advance and take 12-24 months’ preparation time for an overhaul. It’s a costly process requiring advance planning and technical expertise of planners, unit managers, equipment specialists, and others.

In this instance, a Co-Gen Unit Frame 6 Gas Turbine overhaul turnaround had been scheduled 3 years prior. The Turnaround Event Manager in charge had been involved in a similar overhaul 3 years earlier and was determined to improve the process this time.

At a glance:

Industry: Oil Refining

Application: Significant Process Improvement for Planned & Unplanned Outages of High-Value Critical Equipment.

Program Results:

Overall turnaround efficiency improved by 10% with first usage. 100% ROI realized within 2 hours.

Estimated time savings of 24 hours for the facility during Co-Gen outage achieved by increasing necessary part availability to 100%.

Proven Best Practice for Turnaround Readiness. Risk mitigation and complete component preparation for unplanned outages.

The goal was to have a professional, well-organized turnaround in a tight and congested area, as well as a labor expectation to work safely and efficiently. Everything ready for skilled technicians and maintenance team leaders to bring the unit down and back up quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Speaking from experience, the client said “While there’s tons of flexibility in the planning stage there’s much less during execution.”

Planning began 12 months before and the team had been working on the schedule and logistics to ensure all materials, especially long-lead items, were on hand. High-Value Critical Equipment, like a turbine, compressor, or charge pumps may consist of hundreds, and often thousands, of individual components. Parts are ordered via the Asset Manager from an OEM and many specialty equipment vendors. Warehouse and procurement personnel, who may not be experts on the equipment, often know parts by numbers, not how they are used. Each component is inventoried and kept with “like” items stored on shelves, bins, and containers spread over acres of warehouses: gaskets stored with gaskets, lubricants with lubricants, special tools, seals, bushings, etc.
The repairs can’t be implemented until everything needed to do the job is on hand: damage of a long-lead item in storage, unavailability, or loss of a single piece can significantly impact the turnaround.

The Compressor Maintenance Team had been using specialized and reusable Hunter Hawk Parts-in-Place SMART Boxes for a number of years. The Turnaround Team had seen them in use and requested a customized Parts-in-Place SMART Box for the Gas Turbine. Not only would it safeguard all components for the unit, whether used for planned or unplanned outages, everything would be on hand and ready to get up and go. The SMART Box system and its’ parts logistics map would expedite the T/A process and ensure high value QA/QC technicians were used to their best advantage, rather than running down parts or expediting materials at the last minute

The Parts-in-Place SMART Box system increased efficiency and reduced downtime, team time, and costs by making 100% of all parts available and in good repair. No delays or surprises this time, just pure execution.

The overhaul increased overall T/A efficiency by 5-10% with the first usage. Reusable and refillable, the Parts-in-Place SMART Box helps elevate outage turnarounds to a higher standard.


Co-Gen Unit Frame 6 Gas Turbine Overhaul Turnaround


Co-Gen Unit Frame 6 Gas Turbine Overhaul Turnaround with Parts-in-Place SMART Box

Pop the Lock. Fix it Fast.

Hunter Hawk has been customizing Parts-in-Place SMART Boxes for refineries for 15 years. The Turnaround Event Manager and Mechanical Inspector worked closely with Hunter Hawk to pull together an easier way to get everything needed in one place and delivered on-time to the field to handle the outage quickly and efficiently.

Within a 6-week timeframe, the Parts-in-Place SMART Box was custom designed, filled with refinery-owned parts and specialty tools, and delivered to them in ample time for the turnaround. Hunter Hawk’s SMART Box use allowed streamlining of field maintenance work which alleviated the need to run back to the warehouse to locate missing parts or expensive expediting of parts that were supposedly in stock.

What field maintenance personnel have said:

“Safer and easier to get the job done.” 

“No time wasted waiting around for parts or for tools.” 

“Planned and executed in the best way.” 

“Best Practice for Turbine Overhauls.”

Hunter Hawk Parts-in-Place SMART Boxes save time, money, and manpower during a planned outage. It also keeps expensive and critical equipment safe, secure, and ready for rapid deployment year-round, regardless of weather or environmental conditions. And, in the event of an unplanned outage, a Parts-in-Place Smart Box can save millions of dollars in lost profit opportunities.

Hunter Hawk Parts-in-Place SMART Boxes

Logistics, Support/Material Planning and Critical Inventory Optimization

Everything safe, secure, and ready for immediate deployment

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money.