Quality – Reliability – Responsiveness

Because Down Time Is Not An Option

Hunter Hawk Inc Is A Custom Manufacturer And Fabricator Supporting MRO And Process Safety Management To Help Meet Their Objective Of Ensuring The Safety, Performance, And Reliability Of Critical Equipment And Legacy Components

Quality Assurance

Hunter Hawk provides our customers with high quality, reliable, and long-lasting products Made in the USA with domestic content, materials, and manufacturing.

Collaboration & Innovation

Hunter Hawk works with MRO teams to improve and innovate products, processes and substantially increase safety. We help design then support and execute.

Examples of Customer Challenges, Solutions, and Results

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Reverse Engineering & Refurbishment

Refinery MRO Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk

Manufacturing - Design & Custom Modification

75% installation labor reduction

Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk

30% Cost Savings & 30% Longer Life

Industries Served

For over 20 years, Hunter Hawk has provided MRO products and services for Energy, Oil-Refining/Production, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Food, Mining, Utilities, Municipalities & Military.

A Trusted & Preferred Vendor Resource

Hunter Hawk is the go-to supplier for our resource and time-strapped customers. We’ve earned Preferred Vendor ratings and OEM status with many Fortune 500 companies.

They know with Hunter Hawk on the team, our decades of expertise and skills streamline MRO production processes and saves time and money.

Awarded EXCELLENT performance rating in all areas by the Department of Defense/Army CPARS – Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System – with a QA inspected record of Zero Rejects/Zero Defects over a 4-year contract and outstanding customer service.

Bottom Line = Save money, increase safety, decrease labor, more efficient and productive turnarounds

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